Elite Insurance Group, Inc.


Having your rental property covered correctly is crucial to prevent huge losses. We have dedicated to understanding the in and outs of landlords needs and coverage available. No matter if the properties are under your name or under an entity like a trust or LLC we understand and have the best solutions for you.



Contractors have unique needs and your area of expertise needs to be understood in order to provide the best insurance policy and for the best price. We specialize in customizing contractors insurance to meet their needs and saving money while doing so. Contact us and see why we are preferred among so many contractors to help with their insurance needs.

If your a business owner or the person in charge of your companies insurance polices we strive to be a value to you. If your starting your business or needing to run quotes because your up for renewal and need to find out if you can get better rates we are ready and have the insurance companies that can insure you correctly and for the right price.

Our Services

Contact us to put together a comprehensive coverage package that makes sense for your unique situation and preferences. We specialize in custom insurance policies no matter the situation; if your single with 1 auto, renting, and a DUI or married with a home, autos, rental properties, and umbrella coverage needs we can help.


We believe in improving lives by service, kindness, and love. Insurance is our means of making a difference.